When you want to heat your home efficiently in a budget-friendly way, then you’re going to want to use the best wood stove to get the job done. Wood stoves come in a variety of styles and contain lots of different features, so choosing the right one to meet your needs is important. Are you ready to discover the right stove at the right price to heat your home? 

In order to find the best stove, you need information that you can quickly compare and contrast. With the chart below, you’ll be able to see some of the best wood stoves on the market right now that will meet your needs.

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What Does a Good Wood Stove Look Like?

Wood stoveThere are a lot of wood burning stoves that are on the market today and each of them have some particular strengths and weaknesses. The typical wood stove is made from cast iron because this metal naturally reflects the heat back into the fire box to give you a good bed of hot coals. Many of them are also lined with fire bricks to enhance this insulation so a greater heat output can be achieved. That’s why these stoves are so heavy!

A good wood stove will also provide a system of air washing over the coals that you’re forming so that your fire will always have the heat that it needs to properly operate. Without a good airflow, your fire will just die out and you’ll be left with a cold house! The best wood stove will allow you to change the rate of air that flows over your embers, but that feature isn’t necessary for every home. For the coldest environments, however, this feature is highly beneficial!

Many of today’s wood stoves also come with a door that has a ceramic window so that you can see the flames as the fire burns. Although this provides a warm, romantic environment to the room, a basement wood stove may not need this feature at all. Ceramic windows can collect soot and residue, requiring consistent cleaning when there are impurities in the wood or issues with the air flow, so keep the size of the window in mind while you shop.

The final feature to consider with a wood stove is the ash bin or drawer that comes with the design – if one comes with it at all. The bin or drawer is designed to collect the ash that develops over a burning period so cleaning the stove becomes an easier job. It’s not mandatory to have this feature, but you’ll save a lot of cleaning time if you have one installed?

What Are the Advantages of Using the Best Wood Stove?

The primary advantage that you’ll receive with a wood stove is cost savings. Most homes can be heated with two cords of wood per year, which is about 1/3 of the cost of other heating methods, like gas or electricity. For the average homeowner in a cold weather climate, the cost savings that the best wood stoves can bring to a home can potentially make the stove pay for itself in the first year.

A secondary advantage that a wood stove can provide is a worry-free method of heating. Most stoves can be installed virtually anywhere in the home, have the fire contained, and will work even when the power goes out in the home. Although some units have a blower that needs to be grounded to spread heat out through the entire home, you’ll have at least one room with good heat when there’s no electricity in the middle of winter.

The final advantage that many wood stoves have is that they can burn throughout the entire night. To make the most out of this feature, you’ll want to look for a unit that has a firebox which can hold logs 20” or longer, but even 16” logs in the right stove can have a burn last for up to 8 hours. Non-catalytic stoves will save you on cost and give you a better flame, but catalytic stoves have longer burn times and better efficiencies.

Choose wisely from these advantages and you’ll have a stove that can give you cost savings for years to come.

How Do You Find the Best Wood Stove?

Finding the best wood stove is easy if you take into consideration all of the features that the modern units can provide a home. The best stoves may even qualify you for a tax credit if it meets certain EPA qualifications! This guide from the EPA covers this in more detail. Let’s take a look at the best features that you may wish to consider today.

  • Efficiency: The best wood stoves that you’ll find today are at least 75% efficient. This will not only improve the overall quality of the heat you provide your home and reduce your need for fuel, but any stove above 75% qualifies for a US Federal tax credit.
  • BTU Output: The higher the BTU output for your wood stove, the more home it will be able to heat. The one caveat with this feature, however, is that a good quality blower must be included with the stove to maximize the heat that is being received. Otherwise you’ll be able to warm up one room very effectively and have cold outer rooms.
  • Particle Output: Some communities required a particle exhaust output to be less than 4.02/grams per hour. If you have exhaust restrictions in your community, then you will need to find the best wood stove that meets these needs so you don’t end up with an illegal stove.

What Are the Best Wood Stove Prices?

Finding an affordable wood stove can sometimes be difficult. Brand new wood stoves can often cost above $3,000, which is why looking at the local used market for a wood stove becomes a temptation. The only problem with buying used is that you don’t know what has been burned in the fire box, so you may end up with fumes in your home that a new wood stove won’t provide.

Many wood stoves fall into the $1,000-$2,000 range depending on their size and the quality of the foundational materials. You’ll want a wood stove that can expand and contract some with the change of heat, yet be sturdy enough to last for years. On Amazon, price ranges can be below $500 in some instances for a basic stove, while top of the line models can always be found.

For the best wood stove, price doesn’t always reflect quality. Look at the features, the efficiencies, and the particle outputs – along with durability of the craftsmanship – before measuring price to get an idea of what stove will best meet your needs for the price.

What Do Our Comprehensive Reviews Have To Say?

US Stove APS1100B “Ashley” Model

The Ashley model presented by US Stove has a lot of the traits that you’re going to want in the modern stove. It holds logs up to 16 inches in size and cranks out 67k BTUs while also being EPA Certified to qualify you for potential tax credits. Weighing in at just 250 pounds, the Ashley Model is a no frills wood stove that will just work hard to heat up your home. It doesn’t have an ash pan, but it does have a draft control above the door that lets you control the heat output quickly and easily.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on this wood stove.

Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove

The primary feature we loved with this wood stove was its cleaning design. There’s a large ash drawer on the pedestal of this stove, one of the largest in the industry today. The ash feeds into it automatically and you can just dump it out about once per week – though more in colder climates potentially. A thermostat is included with this stove to assist with fire control and the door is made from a heavy duty cast iron and it has an air control lever above the door for further control. You only need to have 19 inches of clearance on the back and the sides of this unit, so it will fit in just about anywhere!

Click here to view prices on Amazon and get a great deal on this wood stove.

Vogelzang Durango Wood Stove

The primary advantage that we noticed with this wood stove is the fact that it uses less wood than most other stoves to heat a home. Much less wood, in fact, to the point where you can potentially get through with just 1 or 2 cords for the entire cold season. You will need to do regular maintenance on this wood stove to keep it working well. If you can keep up with the maintenance work, this stove will last for several years without much of an issue. The one thing we didn’t like so much about this stove was that there was no ash pan to collect the leftover debris, so you’ll need to get in there and clean out the grate regularly.

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Pleasant Hearth 22,000 Sq Ft Wood Burning Stove

With the beautiful fires that you’ll be able to see with this wood stove by Pleasant Hearth, you’ll be able heat up to 2,200 square feet with ease. It meets modern air quality standards with just 3.6 grams per hour of emissions with an efficiency rating of 85% and easily lasts up to 10 hours when you’ve got a good bed that you’ve maintained and will keep up with the coldest of nights.If there was one thing this stove could do a little better, it would be its ability to be user friendly. If you’re not familiar with using a wood stove, you might struggle for a little bit trying to get your air ratios right with this stove.

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Vogelzang Ponderosa with Blower

The primary feature we liked about this wood stove is its overall size. It can accept logs that are up to 22” in size so you won’t have to do as much wood chopping if you don’t want to do it. At the same time, it comes equipped with a solid cast iron door that has a large ceramic window installed inside it that allows you to peer inside to see the quality of your flame without searing your eyes from the heat of opening the door. With an efficiency rating of 82%, this price point makes the purchase of this wood stove tempting!

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The best wood stoves are waiting for you right now. Why spend more on your heating bills when you could install a highly affordable, cost-effective wood stove today that will make your home more energy efficient?

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